Click&Sell Photos - Documentation

Version: 1.2.3
Last Updated: 07. März 2024

Table of Contents


    1. Introduction
    2. Features
    3. Installation Instructions
    4. Usage Guidelines
    5. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
    6. Support and Contact Information


1. Introduction

Click&Sell Photos is a versatile WooCommerce plugin that lets you facilitate the sale of printed and digital photos through your online store. You can offer your customers a seamless shopping experience with a simple photo code, so the customer can easily browse, select and purchase their favorite photos.


2. Features

Our Click&Sell Photos plugin for WooCommerce offers a number of powerful features:


2.1 Photo-Code for a seamless shopping experience

You can provide your customers with a seamless shopping experience with a simple photo code so they can easily browse, select and purchase their favorite photos.


2.2 Sell a photo-set or single photos

There is a function for a package price (5 photos for the price of XY,- €) and a function for single prices (Per selected photo YX,- €).


2.3 Flexibillity with shortcodes

The input of the photo code is simply added to a product in the store via shortcode. This way you keep the greatest flexibility.


2.4 Sell what you want

You can offer the sale of developed (printed) and digital photos.


2.5 Photos are save

Security is also very important to us. We work in the frontend only with reduced files and random names.


2.6 Compatibility

Our plugin is compatible with popular WooCommerce extensions and themes.


3. Installation Instructions.

To install our WooSelling: Event Photography Plugin for WooCommerce, follow these steps:


    1. Download the Plugin Purchase and download the plugin.
    2. Loggen dich in WordPress als Admin einGo to your WordPress admin dashboard.
    3. Upload Plugin: Navigate to Plugins -> Add New -> Upload PluginChoose the plugin zip file and click Install Now.
    4. Activate the Plugin: Nach der Installation, klicke auf Activate Plugin.
    5. Configure: Go to Click&Sell Photos -> Create new album create a new photo-code with an amount of photo who are available in this album.
    6. Place in product: Go to Products-> Create a product or select a existing one -> e.g. Short description und dort den Shortcode „[„casp_client_album“]“ (ohne die Anführungszeichen) plazieren. / Denken daran, wenn der Nutzer die Fotos per E-Mail erhalten soll, muss du die Option „Herunterladbar“ auswählen.
    7. Ready
    8. DocumentationMore detailed instructions and settings can be found in the plugin documentation included in the download package or at


4. Usage Guidelines


4.1 Buying experience


    1. User go to shop.
    2. Select a product.
    3. Enter photo-code.
    4. Now, depending on the settings the user could select an amount of photos what will be inside a photo-set or he select any number of photos, if price per unit is set.
    5. The user adds the photos in cart.
    6. Checkout and ready.
    7. If it was a digital product then the user get a download link inside his email.


5. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. Is this plugin compatible with my WooCommerce theme? A1. Our plugin is designed to work with most WooCommerce themes. If you encounter any issues, please contact our support team.

Q2. Does this plugin support international shipping? A2. Yes, our plugin supports both domestic and international shipping.

For more FAQ's and application examples please click here!


6. Support and Contact Information

For any questions, issues, or support requests, please contact our customer support team: